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LastPass for iPhone/iPad 2.0.2 Freeware

LastPass is the last password you'll ever have to remember. Get an account free on

Secrets for Android 2.2.1 Freeware

Secrets for Android is an application to securely store and manage passwords and secrets on your

PasswdSafe 3.13.0 Freeware

Passwd Safe is a port of the popular Password Safe application to the Android platform.Here are

Memengo Wallet 1.11 Commercialware

Memengo Wallet is a password manager that works wherever you are - in any modern web browser or

LastPass for Windows Phone Trial

LastPass for Windows Phone is an app that allows you to carry your LastPass data around with you.

Password Manager Lite Add-on for Dolphin Browser 2.0 Freeware

Save your passwords to login quickly. Input the account and password you want to save, preserved in

WISeID 4.0.3 Commercialware

WISeID provides a convenient, easy to use, encrypted place to store all your usernames, passwords,

Keeper Password & Data Vault 5.3 Freeware

Protect and store your secret passwords. Log in to websites with one touch.Keeper keeps your most

1Password for iPhone 4.0.3 Commercialware

There's no need to remember the username, password, or even the website address.Here are some key

Scan2Login 1.0.5 beta Freeware

Scan2Login is an innovative password manager for Android, which securely stores your login